Being involved on campus is one of the best parts of going to school at The University of Tennessee. Everyone is nervous about meeting people and making friends at the beginning of the year, so getting involved is a good way for first-year students and returning students to make friends and meet new people.  I encourage every new student on campus to be involved in at least one club or organization. At the beginning of the year, the university has what is called a Student Engagement Fair, which is where about 100 clubs gather on campus encouraging new students and returning students to be involved in various clubs. These clubs could help you gain experience in the field you want to study, help you gain volunteer hours for various things, or just having fun and trying new things with new people. There are also various opportunities throughout the entire year to join these clubs, so you have time to find your perfect fit.  Chances are, at the beginning of the year, everyone is looking to make friends and try new things. So if you're nervous about getting involved, don't be because everyone else feels the same way as you do. There are so many different organizations on campus, that you are bound to find one where you fit in perfectly. If you do not see a club you wanna join, you can also start one. You are only a college student once, so take advantage of it and get involved and have fun with people just like you.

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