When you start making your schedule for classes, students want to make sure they are selecting the best teachers. Rate my professor is a website where you can search a specific university and professors name. Once you click search, the professor will pop up with a rating, the level of difficulty the class is, the percentage of how many would take the class again, and tags describing the professor. Ratings are from 1.0 – 5.0 where one is poor and five is good. You will see comments from previous students about their experience in the class and with the professor. Previous students will give their own rating of the teacher, level of difficulty, the grade received, attendance policy, and if they would take the class again. The website is very useful when students want to find the teachers who are good versus the ones who are not so great. Most of the rates from students are pretty consistent. For example, if a teacher is rated around a 4.4 then the student rates will reflect that. This teacher is pretty good, and you will not typically see poor comments with these types of teachers. However, you might come across a few of poor comments o a good rating teacher due to the different classes the teacher teaches. The website has over 1.7 million professors and 19 million reviews. Some professors you search may not be on the website so you have to take a chance on deciding if you should stay with that teacher or change. I did not have an assigned math instructor when I picked my class so I took the risk with the class. It turned out to be one of my best teachers here. Sometimes teachers with a low rating can be your favorite teacher, but I do recommend trying to find a teacher with a good rating if you can.  More than likely, you will have different options for teachers to pick from so you can find one that has a good rating. When I was picking between multiple classes for my schedule, I used rate my professor and decided to not take some classes based on the ratings. Even though there were multiple teachers listed for the one class, the ratings and reviews were not so great. Some of the classes I took I would not be taking if I did not read rate my professor. The comments from students can help show how hard a class is, what test are like, and how much homework. For one of my classes, the comments I read for it said the test were open note and never really any homework. If you decide you want to use this resource, the link is https://www.ratemyprofessors.com/

Source: “Find and Rate Your Professor or Campus.” Rate My Professors - Review Teachers and Professors, School Reviews, College Campus Ratings, www.ratemyprofessors.com/.

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