Networking is an important part of the career world and essential for long last business relations. Networking is the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. This is necessary because relations to individuals and professionals within your community can lead to potential job leads. It is statistically proven that only 20% of jobs are posted in the open market. That means that 80% is left unspoken and undiscovered by the general public. This is why networking is such an important quality. These relations that we build with others open doors and connections for us to reach out and access a market of jobs that is not displayed to the public.

Benefits of Networking:

It allows you to help others: You can be the person that helps another individual land their job. By helping others your building relations and increasing your opportunities

The exchange of fresh ideas: Most are constantly are wanting to remain on top of the information for their business. Networking allows for you to receive new information faster than the general public and begin to put into use.

Makes you more visible: Making yourself visible does not end when you land that job. Making yourself visible in the workplace is crucial to climb the corporate ladder. The advantages of networking is that it makes you more visible to the right people. Through your connections, you can eventually become that person who “knows everyone”.

Opens doors to new opportunities: Because networking makes you more visible, it also opens new doors for you.

Allows you to express opinions: Networking acts as a support system for you to discuss business opinions and ask for business advice.

Expands your support network: Networking helps expand your support network that can assist you in all stages of your career. Many individuals will have gone through what you are about to and can provide tips to succeed.

Gets you promoted: Having an open network is a predictor for success. This can give you the upper hand for promotions. Connecting with professionals can provide insight and improve your efficiency which will in turn make you become more favorable to your employer.

Boosts your self-esteem: Knowing people, getting asked about and discussing your opinions, and asking to introduce others to people within your network will boost your self-esteem.

It becomes your resource: The professionals within your network can aid you in the information of current business events and answer some business questions.

Networking tips:

Networking is about establishing mutual beneficial relations with other individuals, not just asking for jobs for everyone. Have proper etiquette and manners when building your relationships. Follow up on your contacts to thank them and connect with them on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network that connects individuals together and increases professional opportunities. Essentially, LinkedIn is the Facebook of the business world. LinkedIn is a smart way to establish networking opportunities and begin to create business relationships.

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