Most First-Year students are required to have the same dining plan. Each freshman receives an unlimited meal swipes (one per dining period), and $300 dining dollars. Each student can use their meal equivalency at participating retail food locations on campus, instead of using all of the dining dollars for their purchase. During breakfast, if a student was to use their meal equivalency, it would take $4.35 off of their total bill, leaving the rest to be paid on dining dollars, credit cards, etc. During lunch and dinner you recieve $4.85 off of your total bill. Students can only use one meal swipe per dining period everyday, however, students can use their breakfast, lunch, and dinner swipe all during each period as long as they have not already used their meal equivalency for that period. For example, if a student uses their meal equivalency for breakfast at a retail location, that student cannot go to the cafeteria to get breakfast in that same period. Meal equivalencies are important to understand so students can save money/ dining dollars, while eating at oncampus retail locations.

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