No one comes into college for certain on what they want to do. Some people may have an idea, but once they take a class in their major, some realize that is not what they want to do. Leaving them astray and not knowing where to go next in their academic career. There are other personality tests, but some of them charge a really high amount of money. Fortunately, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville has a great center called the “Career Development Center” where students struggling with how to move forward go to get guidance. All for free! The Career Development Center is an online resource that you can access via the UTK website. While there, you can take a personality assessment that breaks down into 4 smaller categories: Interest, Values, Personality, and workplace preferences. Taking all the tests takes no longer than 30 minutes, and it is extremely helpful in determining how to move on with your college life and academic course of study. 

So you are probably thinking, “I got my results, but what can I make out of them? What should I do next?” After you finish the assessments, you can view your results and then UT provides quick access links to let you explore majors in the area you scored. For example, you can click on the “Explore Career Matches” tab a bunch of clusters, or subject areas will come up, in order from your most to least best suited career cluster for your personality. Once you click on a cluster, you can view career options and see what major you should pursue if you chose to pursue a degree in the given cluster. If you are ever confused about anything in the Career Development Center, you can always send them an email and ask, or schedule an appointment and have an academic advisor look at your results and help you make sense of them. 

Another great source in the Career Development Center is Handshake. Handshake is basically LinkedIn. With Handshake you can view job opportunities in your area, all of the opportunities listed range from Seasonal - Full-time jobs. Other jobs listed are jobs on campus. Another thing the Center for Career development does is to help you with résumés. You can make an appointment and meet with an advisor for about an hour or you can do a quick walkthrough of your resume in a walk-in session for about 15 minutes. The Career Development Center is a great source if you are clueless or just need guidance in your academic career. Even help with making a professional Resume.

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